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We have  African Grey Blue and gold macaw, Scarlet Macaws –

 Hatched date 05/02/17

The Parrots has:-

– Microchipped

– Stainless Steel Leg-Ring

– Been Surgically Sexed

– Excellent beak, feather and colour

– Vet report & certificates

All procedures and reports carried out and produced by Dr Bob Doneley at UQ Veterinary Medical Centre.

Bird Comes with:-

– Movement Transaction Record (MTR)

– Current Diet (manual)

– 8kg of Food – (consists of 3kg soaked seed mix, 4kg Vetafarm pellets, 1kg of mixed – Almonds, walnuts & Pecans)

– A Owners Guide to Macaw Book.

– Airline Approved K29 Pet Crate Carrier.

The birds from chicks to parents are provided with an excellent diet for optimal health. We feed and replace food/water bowls twice a day and discard any left overs. contact by email for more information via:

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